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A Look into the Asian Market: The 7th Hong Kong Coin Show

CoinsWeekly | 12 September 2019

Over 100 numismatic individuals and companies came together on 18/F The Mira Hong Kong from 23 - 25 August 2019 to participate in The 7th Hong Kong Coin Show (The 7th HKCS), the top numismatic show in Asia. Continuing its prolonged support for the numismatic industry since August 2016, HKCS does not only provided a platform for buy-and-sell, but also allow the outsiders to network with the local and foreign exhibitors, as well as to gain numismatic knowledge by joining seminars and workshop.


Headline Daily | 21 August 2019



Hong Kong Economic Journal | 10 August 2019



The E-Sylum: Volume 22 | 14 July 2019

Despite the dynamic global economic environment, the purchasing power of collectors remains strong, which bodes well for the 6th Hong Kong Coin Show.

Hong Kong Coin Show – HKCS | 29-31 Marzo 2019

Among the other popular and cultural initiatives of the Hong Kong Coin Show, this year a new program dedicated to university students was introduced, which consists of an overview of collecting in general, followed by a brief visit to some retailers who explain an inherent topic to numismatics.

NGC, NCS and PMG Senior Vice President Reflects on Growth in Asia

NGC | 24 April 2019

Learn more about the coin and paper money grading companies in a video produced by the Hong Kong Coin Show.

Where Dealers Meet: The Hong Kong Coin Show

Coinsweekly | By Ursula Kampmann, translated by Leonie Schulze 18 April 2019

As was to be expected, the organization of the event was excellent. There’s no other way to put it. After I had registered for the convention, I immediately received a detailed and extremely friendly email with tips and suggestions on how to best organize my stay. Needless to say, the badge required for attending the convention was ready to be picked up upon my arrival.


Headline Daily | 商界講呢啲 - Cally 22 March 2019


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