The 1st HKCS Medal
The 3rd HKCS Medal
Szechuan 30 Cash
Tibet 50 Srang
HKCS attends the Xi'an Fair
HKCS is showing in the The China Coin Collection Fair during June 8-10th in Xi'an…… [ ALL ]
HKCS attends the 53th Tokyo Show
HKCS is showing in the 2018 Tokyo WorldCoins, Stamps and Telephoned card Show…… [ ALL ]
HKCS attends the 2018 Beijing CICE
HKCS is showing in the 2018 China International Coin Expo during May 18-20th in Beijing…… [ ALL ]
The 4th HKCS Closed Successfully
The 4th HKCS 2018 closed on 8th April and there were 20k visitors…… [ ALL ]
Clarification Statement
Clarification Statement:Fraudulent HKCS News Report…… [ ALL ]
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