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Workshop of The 6th Hong Kong Coin Show is FULL!

The workshop held by the four speaker has been already full.

Thank you all for the support - our workshop is full! If you feel pity the you could not grab your seat, join the seminars and you can also know more about the numismatics industry.

Details of the seminars

Hong Kong Coin Show (HKCS) is a pure numismatic event taking place each year on the 18/F of The Mira Hotel each March/April and August. With the participation of more than 100 top numismatic organizations and dealers from over 40 countries and regions, HKCS is regarded the top numismatic show in Asia.

The 6th Hong Kong Coin Show will be held on 29 - 31 March 2019, taking place on 18/F, The Mira Hong Kong. Different coin dealers show their interest in getting a table in this exciting numismatic event. Currently, exhibitors from Nepal and Paraguay have reserved their tables in the March Show. The organizing team looks forward to seeing the new faces in the occasion. The show is sold out. If you are interested in reserving a table in The 7th HKCS, please email

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