Terms and Conditions 條款及細則

1. Show Venue and Table Set Up 展覽場地及佈置

The Hong Kong Coin Show (HKCS) will take place from Friday 29th March 20189 to Sunday 31st March 2019 on the 18th Floor of The Mira Hotel at 118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Set up is from 08:00 on each day the show finished at 18:00 on each day. All tables must stay open until the stipulated time.


2. Exhibitor Badges 參展商名牌

Exhibitor badges will be issued to all exhibitors and their registered assistants. All badge holders must wear their badge while working at their tables. All badges cannot be sold, transferred, leased or shared to/ with other dealers without prior consent of the organizers.


3. Bourse Table 展位

The bourse tables in general are 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. Each table will have two exhibit show cases (800mmx500mmx97mm). Please could exhibitors ensure that the showcases are not pushed out in the public walking areas. Occupation of a vacated table without the consent of the HKCS management is forbidden and will lead to expulsion form the show permanently.

一般攤位的呎吋為6英尺長2英尺寬。每個攤位將配有兩個展櫃(800毫米x 500毫米x 97毫米)。參展商需確保展櫃不會佔用行人通道。未經HKCS管理層同意,任何人士不得佔用空置攤位,違者不得再參與HKCS。

4. Promotion in the Venue 場內宣傳

Persons without the official HKCS badge selling or advertising directly to the public entrances will also be expelled and debarred from future entrance. Exhibitors are not allowed to place any promotional materials like banners or pull-up banners in the show venue, except with the permission of HCKS committee.


5. HKCS Service Desk 諮詢櫃檯

Should you have any enquiries, please contact HKCS staff at the reception.


6. Counterfeit sales 贗品出售

HKCS strictly forbids the selling of counterfeit material in the shows. Confirmed cases of such cases may lead to the exhibitor barred from our shows immediately and permanently.


7. Commercial and Legal Disputes 買賣糾紛

HKSC will not take responsibility or be involved in any commercial and legal disputes arising between sellers and buyers.


8. Security 大會保安

General security will be provided on the bourse floor. HKCS will not bear any responsibility for loss or theft of possessions at the show venue.


9. Security Room and its opening times 保安室及開放時間

Security room for exhibitor's inventory is available ON PRIOR REQUEST ONLY. All requests MUST BE SENT TO info@hongkongcoinshow.com ON OR BEFORE MARCH 11, 2019. Venue: SBP HK office (Unit 1603, 16/F Mira Place Tower A, No.132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong). Admission and Opening hours will be updated when available.


The security room will have a security guard present for the whole duration of these times and entry is only available to persons with an exhibitor badge and photographed identification. HKCS will not accept any liabilities for loss of property.



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