The 4th HKCS Closed Successfully!

The 4th HKCS 2018 closed on 8th April and there were 20k visitors during the show. 102 exhibitors from the 30+ countries and regions appeared in the show and it has already build a bridge between Eastern and Western Coin Culutre.

Communication and trade are the core of the show. Visitors were standing and walking around everywhere to seek their favorite items. It was loud and crowded. Many exhibitors said the show brings so many oppotunities and trades to them. If possible, they will still attend the next HKCS as well.

There were a lot of splendid activities during the show as well. The book signing of "the treasure of the lost frontier", the free sample of PCGS、NGC、Banknote World, the specialists lecture, grading, and so on. Visitors were able to find what they need and maximize their satisfication.

Even though the 4th HKCS 2018 closed, however, it is just a pause. The 5th HKCS 2018 will open in 10-12th August 2018, which will draw more and more people's attention and extend the great atmosphere.




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